Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It has been awhile

So I am not the most 'with it' blogger on the web. In fact, I am far from it. I have been thinking lately of wanting to write something but time has eroded around me. With trying to produce art work (since my last post nearly 20 paintings), updating my website (, keeping up with my FaceBook fans (, and all the other web marketing I am doing I have only enough time to go to work and eat and sleep, and maybe a little R&R with the wife.

I am also now in the process of applying for grad school at U of F in Gainesville. When many my age are think retirement I am going back to school. First off because I need interaction with other artist. to look at their work and they to look at my work. To discuss what we are doing and become inspired by each other. Secondly I need to become better at marketing my work, I have to start selling originals (if I do not, my studio will just fill up with canvases and I will have no place to paint!). My hope is in the 30+ years since I got my BFA, colleges of art have become better at teaching how to market art, which is, after all the bottom line. If we can sell our work we can afford the time to create more and sell more etc. The final reason for this change of life is, as I approach my 60th birthday (3 years) I need to have a fall back plan. I would like to find a small (or Large) liberal arts college to become a professor at. I can not keep on the restaurant business, I just can not! The hours of standing and carrying, dealing with customers, other servers, and bosses will not work for ever. Sharing my knowledge with serious students in an environment that will allow me to produce and earn income and maybe even have 'health care' would be a great way to spend my golden years. I will never retire or at least not for many years. I spent my retirement in my 30's and 40's when I could enjoy it.

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